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Industrial Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder Machine , Universal Wire Grinding Machine

Industrial Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder Machine , Universal Wire Grinding Machine

    • Industrial Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder Machine , Universal Wire Grinding Machine
    • Industrial Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder Machine , Universal Wire Grinding Machine
  • Industrial Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder Machine , Universal Wire Grinding Machine

    পণ্যের বিবরণ:

    Place of Origin: JIANGSU CHINA
    পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: Belt grinding machine
    সাক্ষ্যদান: ISO9001


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    মূল্য: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: plastic bag
    Delivery Time: 45 days after receiving order and deposit
    Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
    Supply Ability: 20sets/month
    এখন যোগাযোগ
    বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
    Feeding Speed:: 5-15m/Min, Can Adjusted by Feeding Angle Tube Diamenter:: 10-60mm, Skilled Workers Can Process 6-60mm
    Power(W):: 2.2kw type: Universal
    Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 380V, 50Hz Pole diameter:: max. 350mm, or customized
    Spindle speed: 500RPA Belt speed: 300M/Min




    Calcium Silicate Board Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine , Composite Material Grinding Machine

    How to use
    A. Place the pipe grinding machine horizontally on a hard flat surface.
    B. Install and remove the belt: The belt is controlled by an elastic spring. And move from top to bottom.
    Use the round tube ( send with the grinding machine) to harness the spring control device, press down, then the abrasive belt will release;
    Adjust the abrasive belt location, release the spring controller naturally, and locked with a screw handle, so install and fixed the sand belt
    C. Turn the screw handle which on the rubber wheel housing, to adjust the feeding rubber wheel in and out position.
    Until the tube rotating freely, that the feeding rubber wheel, round tube and abrasive belt can reach a best friction distance.
    The feeding rubber wheel rotates counterclockwise (from bottom to top).
    D. Adjust the feeding pallet up and down by screw handle, to make the circle pipe, feeding rubber wheel and sanding belt on a best center position.
    E. This pipe grinding machine is very easy to control, only two buttons "ON and OFF"

    F. During feeding, the sand belt down movement, and feeding rubber wheel up movement.
    When the feeding rubber wheel angle move to left, and the angle larger, the feeding speed faster.


    Technical Parameters


    Voltage 380V, 50Hz
    Main motor power 2.2KW
    Fans power 0.44KW
    Driving wheel speed 1420r/min
    Abrasive belt speed 890mm/min
    Feeding wheel speed 70r/min
    Feeding speed 5-15m/min, can adjusted by feeding angle
    Tube diamenter 10-60mm, skilled workers can process 6-60mm
    Abrasive belt size 1820*120mm (L*W)
    Machine size 500*700*1250mm (L*W*H)
    Machine weight 360KG



    Main technical data of abrasive belt grinding machine


    • Fully automatic.
    • Utilizes the principle of seam welder with round welding wheel.
    • Save labor cost: only one worker required put the sink into the platform and then take it away when finishing the grinding process
    • Medium frequency inverter power source which is electricity saving.
    • Enhanced function: memorize 16 sets of welding way . If you need more , we could design for you.
    • Adopt the professional automatic control system from Mitsubishi
    • Use the servo motor to drive axis X (locate mould) and axis Y (welding electrode) to operate under the preset procedure of PLC data.




    SPGB belt polishing machine is environmentally friendly non-emissions alternative to pickling, wire (raw material) surface oxide layer 100% removal, for and tie wire, galvanized wire, chrome wire, copper wire, alloy wire, stainless steel wire , Screw line, fasteners, welding wire, welding rod, wire rope and so on.
    When the machine works, the turntable rotates 360 ° around the steel wire to ensure that there is no contact between the steel wire and the abrasive belt. The belt is driven by two rotating rollers and pressed against the wire surface, so that the wire surface is slightly cut. Evenly removed 0.03mm




    যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা
    Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    ব্যক্তি যোগাযোগ: LIU

    আমাদের সরাসরি আপনার তদন্ত পাঠান (0 / 3000)

    অন্যান্য পণ্যসমূহ
    স্ট্রেইট রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    কাস্টমাইজড অঙ্কন গতি সঙ্গে হালকা কার্বন ইস্পাত স্ট্রেইট রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    কম কার্বন ইস্পাত তারের ই এম সমর্থন জন্য 15kw সোজা রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    0.7 মিমি কার্বন ইস্পাত ওয়্যার স্ট্রেইট ওয়্যার অঙ্কন মেশিন, উচ্চ দক্ষ ওয়্যার প্রসেসিং মেশিন

    উচ্চ আউটপুট MG ওয়্যার অঙ্কন মেশিন ZG45 ইস্পাত অঙ্কন ড্রাম পাওয়ার সেভিং সঙ্গে

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