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120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System

120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System

    • 120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System
    • 120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System
  • 120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System

    পণ্যের বিবরণ:

    Place of Origin: JIANGSU CHINA
    পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: Welding wire production equipment
    সাক্ষ্যদান: ISO9001


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1500T/Y CO2 welding wire
    মূল্য: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: plastic bag
    Delivery Time: 60days after receiving order and deposit
    Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
    Supply Ability: 2000pcs/month
    এখন যোগাযোগ
    বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
    Items: 3000T/Y Quality: durable and solid
    মূল্য: competitive Size of mesh: 12.7-101.6 (1/2"-4")
    materials: Ø5.5MM diameter: Ø0.8、Ø1.0、Ø1.2、Ø1.6MM
    weight: 15/25Kg Width: 914.4-1219.2 ( 12"-48")


    120mm durable automatic welded wire mesh machine , solid welding mesh equipment




    Size of mesh (mm) 12.7-101.6 (1/2"-4")
    Width (mm) 914.4-1219.2 ( 12"-48")
    Diameter of wire (mm) Dia.0.63-Dia.2 ( BWG23-BWG14)
    Max. rolled net size (mm) 120 (400')
    Welding speed ( mesh/minute) 65 ( radia)
    Power 380/220V
    Outside size(mm) 2600x1700x1350


    Peculiarity: Box-style support, high stability, lower noise, E-Machine in one, straighten & send wire automatically. Used for welded wire mesh 1/2"-4".



    Peculiarity: Big box-style support, high stability, lower noise, E-Machine in one, straighten & send wire automatically. Used for welded wire mesh of big width & wire dia.



    production equipment parameter


    1. Wire material surface pre-treatment

    1.1 high shelf pay-off:Put a wire rod, without motor

    1.2 Scribble and automatic stop switch: wire out

    of the pay-off machine through the steel ring with

    a diameter of 200 mm, if a few circle wire

    entwined, steel ring that was taken to the other

    side, t the bottom of the stroke switch will send

    signals, and the entire line emergency stop.

    1.3 Repeated bending mechanical shell and

    wire ball strong scrubbing device: the wire rod

    at least six direction perpendicular(National

    initiative)Bending heat treatment to strip iron

    oxide on the surface of the wire.




    The advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of take-up machine


    The advantages of I-Spool take-up machine:I-Spool steel wire into Fine wire drawing production line, the pay-off machine 100% not disorderly silk;

    The advantages of Trunk-type Unloading Machine:steel wire Good cooling,When Fine wire drawing ,wire break is very little,so Good quality of welding wire,Don't need a lot of Ф800mm I-Spool.Please select a user.

    (18) Safe system:

    ① start up limit function of opening up the protection cover, unresetting fixed-length,

    insufficient air pressure, unresetting brake(when open up the

    protection cover, the equipment is in inching condition

    ②  automatic shutdown when line broken, and assure wire not be broken;

    ③ pull rope siwtch can realize crash stop conviently and fast

    ④ main operation desk, pay off and take up machine have mushroom emergency

    push button switch, emergency stop time consuming ≤5S (quick stop≤15S,normal

    stop ≤30S

    (19) Lighting system::

    wire drawing machine design with low voltage 24 v LED lighting system, is

    advantageous for the cloudy day or night can clearly see the wire drawing the

    status quo, lighting switch is located in the touch screen, easy to open or close

    at any time

    3 Fine wire drawing production line

    LZ8/400 Straight line wire drawing machine

    I-Spool Pay-off Rotary Pay-Off



    Equipment composition:

    (1) Ф800mm I-spool pay-off machine or rotary pay-off machine

    (2 ) LZ8 /400strainght line wiredrawing machine(or seven joint combination)

    (3) Tension stand

    (4) Cleaning: water + machinery scrubbing+ sprinkling+ high pressure blowing

    (5) Ф630mmI-Spool take-up machine

    (6) Work station:man-machine interface control touch screen

    (7) complete set electic control cabinet

    3.3 Main technical parameters and main points:

    (1) Maximum enter-wire strength≤1000MPa

    (2) Maximum enter-wire diameter:Ф2.35mm

    (3) Minimum enter-wire diameter:Ф0.8mm

    (4) Maximum compression rate:88%

    (5) Maximum drawing speed:20 m/s Normal drawing speed:15--18m/s

    (6) Gas consumption and air pressure:1.0 m3/h Air pressure≥0.6Mpa

    (7) Water consumption and pressure:5 m3/h Water pressure≥0.2Mpa

    (8) Motor: drawing and take-up all adopt 11KW 50HZ AC frequency conversion motor

    (9) Transmissions type:

    ① drive by Grade-1 or Grade-2 poweful banded wedge V-belt which has high efficiency

    ② each head has electromagnetic valve to control high efficiency aerobraking

    (10) Tensionmachine :

    ① Tension wheel diameter:≥Ф320mm

    ② tension wheel material:it is the first who use aluminum alloy as material in

    domestic, spray ceramic on working surface; the hardness is ≧HRC60 ,make it

    has fine brightness and abrasion resistance, not only protect the wire not to be

    hurt,but also ensure its useful life mre than two years.

    (11) degreasing machine: machinery scrubbing, multiple Segment cone shaped hole, high pressure sprinkle washing ( sewage draining exit is designed on th

    bottom of circulation pool ); repeating wrapping wheel material is ductile cast iron

    (dia. Ф320); machine body is 2.2m long.

    Other and Control System :the same with wire drawing machineLZ6/560

    (12) pay-off system:

    №1. Ф800mm I-Spool pay-off machine

    1. pneumatic clamping h-wheel, the top (back)

    2. wheel support: double cone duplicate (no-shaft type),

    3. the brake: pneumatic brake

    4. speed control: mechanical damping pay-off

    5. safety device: safety shield door

    №2.  rotary pay-off machine

    Will be filled with steel wire of the wire frame in the middle of the shelf (like in the picture), extract steel wire drawing machine power, the shelf with pneumatic damping and emergency brake, to ensure that the pay-off and the wire drawing machine's first block always in sync.



    production line technology parameters

    No. Name Parameter
    1 number of wire 10 lines
    2 Designing production speed 3~6 M/S
    3 I-Spool φ630mm(diameter)×475mm(Widths)
    4 Tractor roller diameter φ300mm



    120mm Durable Automatic Welding Wire Machine With Lighting And Safe System

    যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা
    Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    ব্যক্তি যোগাযোগ: LIU

    আমাদের সরাসরি আপনার তদন্ত পাঠান (0 / 3000)

    অন্যান্য পণ্যসমূহ
    স্ট্রেইট রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    কাস্টমাইজড অঙ্কন গতি সঙ্গে হালকা কার্বন ইস্পাত স্ট্রেইট রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    কম কার্বন ইস্পাত তারের ই এম সমর্থন জন্য 15kw সোজা রেখা তারের অঙ্কন মেশিন

    0.7 মিমি কার্বন ইস্পাত ওয়্যার স্ট্রেইট ওয়্যার অঙ্কন মেশিন, উচ্চ দক্ষ ওয়্যার প্রসেসিং মেশিন

    উচ্চ আউটপুট MG ওয়্যার অঙ্কন মেশিন ZG45 ইস্পাত অঙ্কন ড্রাম পাওয়ার সেভিং সঙ্গে

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